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Out of the box thinking 
for homes to high schools.

In ​2009 after completing 6 homes in 10 days for charity, we were told that the work we were doing was 'not good enough'...... we needed a better mouse trap.  There were 8.5million South African's with out homes and countless shortages of schools and community structures.  There had to be a better way to build cheap simple and durable structures for the developing world.  At that time there were 8.5 million surplus shipping containers on the planet that had been decommissioned.   What if we could solve the insulation and condensation issues of these boxes and use them to create a new building technology for millions.   This was our starting point in community construction.

We now have international experience in building modular container houses, schools and community structures from 320sq/ft to 50,000sq/ft in some of the remote and difficult places. 


If you have an outside the box dream to help the developing world, perhaps we have an outside the box solution for you.  Please feel free to reach out to discuss your project.

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