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How we give a hand up

Building on what already exists


Investing in unsung heros

Many times the people that are doing the greatest work in the community do not take the time to be identified or do not have a network of investors or NGO's that can help them develop their charities.  HIS often works with these small but outstanding groups to develop their vision.

This is done by:

  • Providing low cost building solutions that can make their funding go further than they thought possible.

  • Providing a modular approach to development that can be phased when there are limited resources for larger projects.

  • Coming along side with international volunteer work teams for specific infrastructure development projects.

  • Consulting with new and existing charities to develop short and long range strategies to expand their work.

International Work teams

We provide groups of teens and or adults the opportunity to help first hand on a international work project.  Often charities that need a hand up do not have the capacity or the local community skills to complete a major project in a short period of time.  

Picture if you will an opportunity to travel to a developing nation and not just stop and take pictures, but a chance to develop or learn DIY skills, construct a building, or school, and experience first had the lives and living conditions of true locals as you partner with them for the good of their local community.  

Up to 3 times a year we will take teams of between 50 to 200 volunteers overseas to make a difference in their world.  You can join with us the next time we have a project, or feel free to arrange your own group and allow us the opportunity to support you in your desire to make a difference in the world.

History of Past trips

YMP started in 1991 in Mexico.  Visit our archive of past trips

Learn about upcoming trips

We will post the next 3 trips where volunteers are welcomed to come along to make a difference.

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