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Hebner Innovative Solutions

What we Provide

A cutting edge container & alternative building development company.

 Our combination of conventional and unconventional strategies

to achieve a goal while minimising costs

has given us a strong presence in Africa and around the world.

Design & Engineering from start

Hebner Innovative Solutions is equipped to carry your dream to completion with our turn key solutions using state of the art design software and geo positioning experience. 

Design & Engineering to finish

We can define size and scope of your project quickly usually without a site visit on international projects.  Then empowering local workers we can fabricate and upskill the community while delivering a turn key solution for your community or NGO.

Construction & Fabrication

Depending on your needs we can fabricate modules off site in one of our trained facilities

or on site if conditions require.

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Our Heart

Starting as an NGO designed to help the poor, our construction techniques have become popular in the commercial market and around the world.  We have the capacity to build simple structures in the 3rd world to cutting edge 1st world bespoke spaces.  However we offer years of experience in community development .  This is still a primary call along side of the commercial work.  Please let us help where we can to make your charity relevant to the poor in a cost effective way.  We offer site development plans, vision casting exercises and pastoral and team management support.

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